It took me two years after losing Aspen and Sterre …. but here she is: Mette!

Mette’s official name is Jurak’s Queen Mette of Enyeto. She was born in Denmark and her parents go back to all our American dogs and Danica! I flew to Denmark when Mette was nearly 5 weeks old to meet her and her breeder. It was a great weekend.

And then Will drove 1500 km’s for me to pick her up, talking about real love …. ;).

Danica was confused the first week, but they have decided that they like eachother. Mette is a very keen puppy, not afraid of anything and it didn’t take long for her to get adjust to her new home in the Netherlands.

Like all the other puppies before her, she goes to work with me in the mornings. It is so good to have a puppy back in the house … #couldnotbehappier #healthepain