Polarullens Danica Oriana av Liv

Danica was born in Sweden at the Polarullens kennel in November 2007. With Baruff being her granddad and a father who is a spitting image of Berber, we had no other choice …

She grew up with only brothers and when we were in Sweden for the WSA Worldchampionchips in March 2008, we picked her up and brought her home with us. Baruff became her very best friend! But cheeky devil as she is, she soon tried to figure out what Sterre’s role in the pack is. Ha! Sterre was not amused. But after awhile they became friends too. Sterre is getting old and is milder than she used to.

Danica ran only one season in the team. By that time, the other dogs wanted to retire, so I tried to train her in front of a scooter. I fell off the scooter and hurt myself so bad, that I gave up dog sledding that same day. I instantly trained Danica to be a house pet and she has done very well. She is very obedient, she can run loose of the leash without any problems.

Yes, Will named her after Danica Patrick and *I* named her after a dog in Ezrah’s pedigree. Av Liv means life in Swedish.

Like all the other dogs she went to work with me as a puppy. She enjoyed that, but just like the other dogs, she made the decision herself to stay at home when she was about 8 months old.

After we lost Sterre in August 2015, Danica remained as the only dog in the pack. She copes very well though, is happy and playfull and being the only dog has it’s advantages. She’s been on vacation twice! Spend some days at my sister’s home so I could join Will to Paris with the truck. She is a happy camper!